Raw materials

Nature’s wonderful gifts

The philosophy of Fortaleza 1786 has its basis in sincerity. Farm-fresh produce from our immediate surroundings. Small local producers who lavish care on their treasure to keep it coming year after year.

We cook the ingredients with the same love that our grandmothers put into their dishes. Those lost flavours that take us back to our childhood with every mouthful.

We welcome you to this little foodie universe that we love so much.

Our head chef

Gonzalo Busto boasts years of dedication, hard work and passion by the bucket load

He has manned the stove at several of the world’s top restaurants for 22 years, 10 of which were with the famous Arzak in San Sebastián.

Gonzalo brings seasonal cuisine to the new Fortaleza 1786. Gastronomy where fresh ingredients are the star of every dish.